Our supplement manufacturing laboratory is a cGMP FDA/ DSHEA compliant facility.  This means that our botanicals are species authenticated, and our safety, purity, and potency is monitored in accordance with FDA Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act regulations. We exceed industry standards in regard to quality control, with extensive testing of claimed potencies, heavy metals and pesticides, and we perform a range of microbiology tests to monitor for pathogens.  We use third-party certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients when they exist; when they don't, our contaminant testing protocols provide a direct measure of quality assurance. 


Our team of expert scientists and plant medicine makers include an esteemed research PhD chemist who performs our extractions and supervises production, as well as an experienced supplement industry operations and regulatory compliance officer with degrees in chemistry and an advanced education in business management. Formulation, ingredient sourcing, botanical extraction procedure development and formulary authorship is provided by a Clinical Herbalist and formulator with 30 years of experience.