Hemp Extraction

“Become the vessel from which the oil is poured upon the troubled water.”

We utilize advanced extraction techniques that are in a constant state of refinement. As the modern medical cannabis industry emerges and evolves in an era of rapidly developing technology, we seek to come full circle and close the gap between the old and new. 

Our work has and always will involve the working of the spirit of the plant to draw out its soul; to the layman, this means we use ethanol spirits to extract the oil- the simplicity beguiles it’s complexity, and we do not limit ourselves to a single solvent. Subcritical and supercritical Co2 systems in tandem with cryogenic ethanol allow our lab to fully realize the potential of the plant's full profile and yield a superior product.

The tools we use to measure, control and guide our processes are state of the art. Many of our extraction crucibles themselves have been crafted and engineered in our workshop to suit the specific and nuanced needs of our goal- perfection in purification and recombination of the plant's phytoconstituents to yield a true representation of vital plant medicine.

Through a precise application and understanding of time honored alchemical wisdom, innovative technology and applied commitment to quality - we seek excellence in our work and in the plant essences we coax, capture and retain in our extracts.

High Cannabinoid Consumable & Topical Manufacture

We offer contract manufacture and product development services for the formulation and production of consumable and topical hemp products, and for use in beverage manufacture. This enables our clients to offer premium quality, exclusive formulas using their own farm-grown hemp extract, or using extracts provided by our company. Our clients are the growers themselves, and other health and wellness companies that seek to develop and build their own custom products and brands. 

In addition to traditional delivery, we produce nano-liposomes for bio-availability-enhanced sublingual and transdermal delivery. We use technologies that produce consistent size and shape nano-emulsified liposomes that are not subjected to use of an ultra-sonication probe, which has been shown to introduce contaminating metals (aluminum and titanium) via the tip of the probe. 

Botanical Supplement & Topical Manufacture

In addition to high cannabinoid hemp products, we are experienced in the formulation, product development and manufacture of custom botanical supplements and topicals. Our supplement manufacturing laboratory is cGMP FDA/ DSHEA compliant.  This means that our botanicals are species authenticated, and our safety, purity, and potency is monitored in accordance with FDA Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act regulations.

Quality Assurance

We exceed industry standards in regard to quality control, with extensive testing of claimed potencies, heavy metals and pesticides, and we perform a range of microbiology tests to monitor for pathogens.  We use third-party testing by qualified analytic laboratories and provide Certificates of Analysis for authentication.