Our Work

Luminary Medicine Company offers formulation and contract manufacture, formulary development services, and brand development; as well as producing brands and co-brands.  We work in tandem with lab partners, clinicians, health/ wellness practitioners and professional affiliates, as well small herb farms, artisan scale distillers and skilled wildcrafters.

We hold a 2018 State of Wisconsin Hemp Processor license, in this first year that Wisconsin has developed a program. We are actively engaged in developing relationships with exceptional farmers growing hemp in some of the cleanest, richest soil in America. 

Luminary Medicine Company produces Curious, a collection of botanical sexual heath and intimate wellness products designed to meet the needs of women. 


Elizabeth Moriarty  

Herbalist, Founder & Formulator

Elizabeth Moriarty has studied phytochemistry, and formulated and produced botanical therapies for nearly 30 years. She is a practitioner of Western herbal medicine, with additional training and experience in the fundamentals of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) energetics and diagnostic systems; Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis; Human Microbiome Ecology; and Ethnobotany. 

In addition to formulation skills, she has knowledge of both FDA/ DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act) and USDA NOP (National Organic Program) regulations and compliance requirements. She is also an IOIA (International Organic Inspectors Association) certified USDA National Organic Program processing inspector. 

She is currently the President of the Herbal Research Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild. 


Beginning in 1986, she worked for the Wisconsin Foundation for Pain & Chronic Disease Research, assisting in grant writing and the development of protocols designed to standardize TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnostics and treatments in a manner consistent with the implementation requirements found in conventional medical systems. The emphasis was on pain management and arthralgias in particular, utilizing a combination of acupuncture and TCM herbal patent formulas.  

In 1995 she founded New Moon Botanicals, an herb shop offering workshops and an array of remedies from those beloved, first-generation herbal-renaissance companies, along with a selection of handmade salves, teas and medicated honeys.  She eventually closed shop to focus on developing her skills as a clinical herbalist, treatment protocol author and formulator.  In 2004, she started a new company, HERBOLOGIE, offering her services as a Clinical Herbalist and product formulator.  HERBOLOGIE opened a storefront apothecary featuring a range of over a hundred different therapeutic products, all formulated and processed in-house using exclusively organic and wildcrafted ingredients. 

Plant medicine making emerged as her deepest calling, and HERBOLOGIE began offering private label and custom formulas to client companies. In 2014, the HERBOLOGIE storefront apothecary closed, and Luminary Medicine Company began. 


Soirsce Moriarty

Art/ Photography/ Design

Soirsce is a classically trained painter and fine art photographer with a particular fascination with the beauty of the human form. 

She enrolled in art school as a full-time student at the age of fifteen, under the direction of renowned artist Craig Blietz, graduated at nineteen and moved to Shanghai, China. While there, she immersed herself in the technical and academic study of photography. The understanding of light, composition and posing earned during the rigors of her training as a painter profoundly influence her work as a photographer and are identifiable in her photos. 

She began wedding photography in 2009, and her work has since been published in many print and online magazines such as Junebug WeddingsArtfully WedLe Magnifique Blog, and Something Turquoise.  Lately, she’s also moved into film, package design and web design.

“I am happiest when I'm engaged in capturing a story.  For me, story telling is visual. My first teacher was Carol Sills, at Mud Lake Art School on the Sills family farm, and then at Peninsula Art School. Carol doesn’t teach children how to draw or paint or build pottery. She doesn’t teach art as construction; rather, an experience, the act of engaging in the creative process, inspired by archetypal stories of the human condition.  Disguised as children’s art classes, Carol actually shields children from conventional ideations of learning and working- even living- for the sake of praise, or a grade, or the artifact produced. Instead, she brings children into flow. It’s crucial. Carol is a diva. Later, Craig – a master artist and teacher- taught me to use the tools of my craft, and taught me to see from a classical perspective and wield a painterly hand, regardless of the media. I am in love with that moment, the telling of a story with image.”

Isabel Moriarty

Social Media

Isabel is an engaged student of holistic nutrition, herbal medicine and functional medicine, and an accomplished formulator of whole food/nutrient recipes. She is the former co-owner of Viva Real Live Food Bar, a lakeside cafe offering fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, salads and sandwiches and featuring an array of cultured ferments and wild fermented vegetables and brews. 

Her study emphasizes whole plant macro-nutrition and micro-nutrition, with an understanding that authentic nourishment is found in the complex constituents of real foods and botanicals. Her emerging area of focus is the customization of specific diet, botanicals and supplements to meet individual physiological wellness needs and serve as prophylactic against pathology.

Rowan Moriarty

Research & Extraction Specialist

Rowan contributes his expertise in vetting research for use in our work, writing articles, and providing education and training to our clients and practitioners that use our products. He is skilled in traditional extraction alchemy and equally engaged in learning and using the most current technology for capturing the subtle, critical botanical constituents that define an exquisite, premium extract.   He has a complex understanding of the medicinal application of volatile aromatic plant compounds, particularly terpenes and terpinoids, which is arguably the most widely spoken language in nature.  

He has worked as a Chef, from Wisconsin to New Orleans, and Vermont to California. He is a fermentation enthusiast, wild food forager, botanical wildcrafter and maker of medicine. He is herbalist-raised, and has studied with many other herbalists, wildcrafters, thinkers and wandering sages.