Elizabeth Moriarty  

CEO / Clinical Herbalist, Formulator & Product Developer

Elizabeth Moriarty is a phytochemist with 30 years of experience formulating and producing botanical supplements and topicals. She is a practitioner of Western herbal medicine, with additional training and experience in the fundamentals of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) energetics and diagnostic systems; Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis; Human Microbiome Ecology; and Ethnobotany. Beginning in 1986, she worked for the Wisconsin Foundation for Pain & Chronic Disease Research, assisting in grant writing and the development of protocols designed to standardize TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnostics and treatments in a manner consistent with the implementation requirements found in conventional medical systems. The emphasis was on pain management and arthralgias in particular, utilizing a combination of acupuncture and TCM herbal patent formulas.  She went on to found and operate a storefront apothecary and clinic, prior to working exclusively in formulation and manufacture of herbal products.

Additionally, she has knowledge of both FDA/ DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act) and USDA NOP (National Organic Program) regulations and compliance requirements. She is an IOIA (International Organic Inspectors Association) certified USDA National Organic Program processing inspector.

She is currently the President of the Herbal Research Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild.

Rowan Moriarty

COO / Processing & Extraction Director

Rowan has advanced expertise in complex botanical extraction techniques and both designed and built the hemp cannabis extraction lab at Luminary. He uses a unique combination of methods to achieve a pristine oil that captures and retains the phytoconstituent profile of the plant, while leaving behind the waxes and chlorophyll that muddy and interfere with formulation and delivery of the desirable cannabinoids and terpenes. He is notably skilled in developing elegant systems of extracting the desirable, less known minor cannabinoids and terpenes that embody the complete therapeutic profile of hemp. His expertise is additionally employed in properly extracting the wide range of botanicals we work with in our lab.  A trained herbalist, he is experienced in traditional extraction alchemy and equally engaged in applying the most current clean technology for capturing the subtle, critical botanical constituents that exemplify a premium plant extract.

Soirsce Moriarty

Art / Photography / Design

Soirsce provides the photography, film, web and package design used in Luminary Medicine Company brands, and offers design services to our custom manufacture clients. She is a classically trained painter and fine art photographer. She enrolled in art school as a full-time student at the age of fifteen, under the direction of renowned artist Craig Blietz, graduated at nineteen and moved to Shanghai, China. While there, she immersed herself in the technical and academic study of photography. The understanding of light, composition and posing earned during the rigors of her training as a painter profoundly influence her work as a photographer and are identifiable in her photos. She began working as a professional photographer in 2009, and her work has since been published in many print and online magazines such as Junebug Weddings, Artfully Wed, Le Magnifique Blog, and Something Turquoise.